A Guide To The Most Effective Disinformation Tactics

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What is disinformation?
How news media manage to deceive and lie? What you and I can do to recognize misleading sources? In this guide H. Michael Sweeney uncovers the most effective disinformation tactics to help you identify half-truths.
Disinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is synonymous with and sometimes called  Black propaganda. It may include the distribution of forged documents, manuscripts, and photographs, or the spreading of malicious rumors and fabricated intelligence. Disinformation should not be confused with misinformation, information that is unintentionally false. (Source  Wikipedia)

Disinformation is carried out in different ways. Here are some examples:...


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Date : 19/08/09

Source : Masternewmedia

Auteur : H. Mickael Sweeney



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